Follow Up Instructions for Nail Surgery

As soon as you get home, take Aleve or Advil (follow package insert for instructions) for pain, and keep your foot elevated for at least 24 hours following the procedure.
Leave bandages intact for at least 48 hours. ***Avoid getting wound/bandages wet. If bandages get wet within 48 hours, they need to be removed IMMEDIATELY!

Two days (48 hours) after the surgery, remove the bandages and cleanse the area with mild soap and water.

Start Epsom Salt soaks, twice a day, for ten (10) minutes, in warm water, for 7-10 days, or until your follow up appointment.

Dry well and apply alcohol and BETADINE. **NOTE: NEOSPORIN OINTMENT is too “greasy” and may keep the wound too wet/moist.

Cover the area with a cloth or fabric Band-Aid. (Try not to use plastic band aids, as they may also keep the area too moist.)

Call our office immediately if you notice any signs of infection: such as increased redness/swelling, increased drainage, excessive pain, nausea/vomiting/chills/fever.

If you are allergic to betadine/iodine or notice an allergic reaction to the medication, please stop using it and contact our office.